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  5. "Pomidor i ser"

"Pomidor i ser"

Translation:A tomato and cheese

December 18, 2015



Why is 'a tomato and a cheese' wrong??


It's because in English the word "cheese" is uncountable. "A piece of cheese" is grammatically correct.


But we are not learning English ... the Polish equivalent should matter


It's a language-learning website. We cannot knowingly put a wrong answer on the list of accepted answers.


It shouldn't be, really.


Actually, in table skittles the thing you throw at the skittles is called "a cheese"


'ser' is 'to be' in portuguese haahhaha


And in Spanish hahaha


What is the difference between 'kanapka' and 'kanapke (with that hook thing on the e?)


kanapka is the singular nominative case of the word- used as subject of the sentence and in "to" sentences

kanapkę is singular accusative case. - it is most common case for the direct object of verb ( for example jeść=eat, and mieć=have), also after some prepositions.


Kanapka - sandwich; kanapka - little sofa Kanapa - sofa


"That little hook on the e" is called affectionately "ogonek" - "a little tail".

When you talk about the letter "ę", you call it "e z ogonkiem" - "e with a little tail". It describes the sound which is more or less nasal, but still a bit different from the regular "e".
Its presence may distinguish the verb in the 1st person: "piję", "piszę" from the one in the 3rd: "pije", "pisze", and may indicate the correct case of the noun.


Why "A tomato and cheese" but "Fish and zupe"? No "A"


As a countable noun, the word "tomato" requires an article.
The nouns "cheese" and "soup" are uncountable (no article).
The noun "fish" is "plural", so you cannot use "a" (it means 1)

Pomidor i ser - A tomato/ The tomato and cheese
Ryba/Ryby i zupa - Fish and soup/ The fish and soup


Actually fish can mean one single fish, it's not necessarily plural. If you see a fish in a pond you'll say: "look at the fish!" And if there are many you'll say: "look at the fishes!"

So there's a difference between countable and mass noun, similar to fruit / fruits.


Sorry, what is the question exactly? You mixed Polish and English and I don't know where you would like to put the 'a'.

"cheese" is uncountable, so is "soup", so you generally don't put "a" in front of them.

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