"Skipet kan brekke i to deler."

Translation:The ship can break into two parts.

December 18, 2015

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USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D? :D


More like the Titanic. The Enterprise doesn't break, it's a tactical separation.


The difference between an X and a Tactical X is not at all trivial. Allow me to demonstrate.

This is a Knife. Note the distinct lack of heterosexuality. Maybe you would use it to complete your most recent scrapbooking project.

This is a Tactical Knife. You can conceivably use it to perform an impromptu jaw surgery on your drinking buddy after he bet his upper left molars on Metallurg Magnitogorsk winning the Russian Superleague - and lost. The laser targeting system will assist you in avoiding major blood vessels if you experience a sudden drop in heterosexuality.

This is a Velociraptor. Note the flamboyant sports coat. It is on its way to a friendly squash match and a strawberry-flavored latte to calm back down afterwards.

This is a Tactical Velociraptor. After it has dispatched its enemies through tactical dental craniotomy, it will come to your dacha and drink the 37 gallons of moonshine Vodka that are left after your friend has passed out from the Tactical Knife impromptu jaw surgery.


Having taken the time to actually read the comment in full, that has become apparent. I'll admit I didn't read the comment initially, because the first sentence very much came across as immature, as did the first comment. I apologize for jumping to conclusions and my actions as a result.




Could you say brekke i to like you would in English (skipping "parts")?


"Can break" implies that the separation is a feature, not something that just happens when the ship hits something

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