"Nie pamiętam tego wypadku."

Translation:I do not remember that accident.

December 18, 2015

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I am still confused. In what context would any English speaker refer to 'this' accident? I feel like a big complainer, but the fact is that TO, TA and TEN don't translate so definitely to THIS. If I am wrong about this, please, someone, give me a clue.


'this' one that we have been talking about? I don't know. Perhaps an English speaker wouldn't.

We have to keep the direct translation of "ten" and "tamten" consistent, so that's why the main translation of "tego wypadku" will always be "this accident", with "that accident" and "the accident" being accepted. Sometimes it will result in unnatural English sentences, but if we weren't consistent, everyone would get totally lost.


...except "that accident" was not accepted when I just tried it now. Is there another reason in this case, or was it just not added yet?


The latter. Added now.


Thanks. I will learn to live with it.


The clue in this case is the verb "pamiętać" (to remember). In general,
Polish "ten" may be understood as "the", "this", or "that", but not always.

"This" accident (ten wypadek) is the one which is happening "here and now"
as we speak, we are witnessing it or watching it on TV. It makes no sense in either language to say that you do not remember what you are just watching.

The sentence: "I do not remember this accident" is incorrect, because the pronoun "this" does not agree with the verb. You can clearly conclude that the correct English sentence "I do not remember that/the accident" translates the Polish sentence referring to the accident which took place in the past or was discussed already: "Nie pamiętam tego wypadku" (tego, który wydarzył się w przeszłości lub tego, o którym była już mowa).



I consulted it with a native speaker, there's nothing wrong with "this accident" here, and in fact it makes perfect sense if I say that I don't remember "this accident" that I am watching on CCTV right now. This is 'this accident' because we are both watching it, and I cannot remember it because I hit myself on the head in this accident.

We do agree that "that accident" is more likely, though. Changed now.


difference (except in spelling) between wypadek and przypadek?


There are other meanings, but mostly: "przypadek" is an accident as in "I did it accidentally, by chance, I didn't mean to" and "wypadek" is an accident as in a car crash.


This is exactly the reason

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