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  5. "Masz chwilę?"

"Masz chwilę?"

Translation:Do you have a moment?

December 18, 2015



Is it correct that it sounds as "khfile" (w as f)?


Yes, w sounds as f after unvoiced consonants.


Can it also be translated like "Do you have a minute?"? I mean, does chwila stand for a short period of time which is longer than a moment (a blink)- around a minute or so?

[deactivated user]

    Certainly, "chwila" means a short period of time and your translation should also be acceptable.


    Do you have time? Is this also an acceptable translation? It was marked incorrect and Do you have a while was offered as correct.


    Well, the meaning may be the same, but if you ask 'do you have time', you may also easily mean 'Do you have three hours?' and not only 'a moment'.


    Good point, although my understanding of a while is considerably longer than a moment. Here in the States we tend to say "you gotta a second" or "do you have a minute" for quick chats.


    You can say, "May I have a moment of your time"


    Just as in the example with 'June is a month of summer', eclipsing or eliding the 'you' in "[Do you] Have a moment?" or the less routine "Have [you] a moment?" is routinely accepted English.


    Hmmm... okay, I guess. Added.


    While it would be understood, I would argue that "have a moment?" as the full question is very situational and quite informal


    "Do you have some time?" Is wrong?


    Seems a bit too wide for just "a moment". Also, one of our British contributors answered "To me, that needs a little something to follow. "Do you have some time to do xyz?"."

    Indeed, a quick look at Google shows that the results for "do you have some time" rather have something more added.

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