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  5. "Duzi chłopcy i mali chłopcy."

"Duzi chłopcy i mali chłopcy."

Translation:The big boys and little boys.

December 18, 2015



The audio in this one is very hard to make out


Is it not dużi chłopcy? according to this ż in duże changes to z in plural, I am seeing this change for the first time, can someone confirm?


As far as grammar is concerned, the only thing that changes, is the ending, which becomes -i. The rest is just phonology and spelling conventions. In Polish, "i" is an palatalizing (softening) vowel, which means that it softens at least one preceding consonant. So in this case, ż is being softened to ź. Furthermore, spelling convention dictates that ź,ć and ś are written without the diacritical mark, when followed by the letter i. This why it's duzi, but the z is still pronounced as ź.

Here you'll find some more rules in the comments.


this makes perfect sense, thank you!


This was super clear! Dziękuje!


Is small not the same as little- mali chłopcy?


Less idiomatic here, I think, but also correct.

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