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  5. "Nosisz płaszcz."

"Nosisz płaszcz."

Translation:You wear an overcoat.

December 18, 2015



From Szczecin to Bydgoszcz, combining "sz" and "cz" will always amaze me.


Why is "you are wearing a coat" not accepted? Thanks


I would also like to know. I don't even know what an overcoat is and how it differs from a coat.


There is no difference between an overcoat and a coat. An overcoat is an archaic version of a coat. Coats are full length, to the knee or longer and can be worn over a jacket, which is why they were called overcoats, this has now been abbreviated to coat in modern usage


"coat" is also accepted, "overcoat" is the main answer to somehow show a difference between "płaszcz" and "kurtka".


I also have that question


Because nosić (infinitive of nosisz) doesn't mean "to be wearing", in Polish you say "mieć na sobie" (to have on yourself). So "You are wearing a coat" is "Masz na sobie płaszcz".


"coat" and "jacket" are not interchangeable for "plaszcz"?

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"Jacket" is "kurtka" oraz "marynarka" in Polish :)


"You are wearing a coat" How can that be wrong?


Why doesn't "You wear a coat" work? What is the difference between "coat" and "overcoat?"


The word "overcoat" is rarely used. It means any piece of garment put
on top of (over) any other clothes. The long type is called "coat" (płaszcz),
the short one is called "jacket" (kurtka, żakiet, marynarka).


Would this be a statement or a demand (to a child maybe) or either?


No. There's Imperative for that. It's "noś" for the "nosić" verb.


Overcoat and coat it is the same thing. Isn't it?


They could be... "coat" is a wider term. You can answer with "coat" here.


Why was the correct answer "You are wearing a mantle"? I'm fluent in English. A "mantle" is the ledge area above a fireplace, not an article of clothing.


Actually, the fireplace ledge is usually spelled mantel, or also mantelpiece. A mantle is an overcoat, but a very specific type of one, often without armholes, rather like a cloak. It's seldom used anymore, probably because people rarely wear them anymore. :-)

https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/mantel#English https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/mantle

Interestingly, a Google Image search on "mantle" throws up more images of the earth's mantle (an outer layer of the earth's core) than anything else.


There's also an article of clothing, but it's not too common in use nowadays. It's like a cloak. Not sure why it showed you that instead of coat, though.


A mantle is more like a cloak and the shelf above a fire is a mantle piece


This has never been called a mantle in any of my other attempts


a mantle is just a type of overcoat i wouldnt stress it but they should keep it simple


Why is "you wear a jacket" not accepted? In my part of the USA, we do not use the word coat - a jacket is everything from a puffy winter parka to a thin zip-up hoodie. Does płaszcz only refer to the puffy winter parka?


I quickly went through all the images that Google Graphics showed me for "jacket" and I didn't notice anything that I'd call "płaszcz". I also googled "parka" (which sounds Polish to me and apparently is a word in Polish as well), and most results look more like a "kurtka" to me and are called "kurtka typu parka" for example, although "płaszcz" has been used with some of them, true. But I don't know if it's enough to change the accepted translations here, we'd like to show the difference somehow...

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