"Znam psa."

Translation:I know a dog.

December 18, 2015



Dude!!!! Can you help me with the problem of cats in my neighbourhood? Yeah, I know a dog

January 10, 2017


Is this more like the German kennen (know of) or wissen (know a fact)?

January 18, 2016


Kennen. Wissen is more - wiedzieć

January 21, 2016


Can I say Znam pies?

December 24, 2015


No, you must use the accusative case because the dog is the direct object of the sentence.

January 6, 2016


Is "I know that dog" really wrong but "I know the dog" correct? I know there is no tamten but I though either would work? Or is that a beginner mistake?

October 18, 2017


I've seen this happen a few times to a few different people, and here is the explanation: Polish has no words for any articles. Articles being a, an, and the. Polish does have words for demonstrative pronouns though, being this, that, these, and those. To say "I know THE dog" would be "Znam psa," notice how there is one conjugated verb and psa is in the accusitive, there are only two words. There are only two because the pronoun "I" is part of the verb "Znam," and the word "the" does not exist in Polish. To say what you want to, I know THAT dog, would be "Znam TEGO psa," we add tego because Polish does have a word for "that," and it's in the accusative. There are three words, "I" is part of the conjugated verb, "tego" is now here because Polish has a word for that, and psa is the direct object, in the accusative.

August 2, 2018


Just to add: technically the direct translation of "I know that dog" is "Znam tamtego psa", but "Znam tego psa" is perfectly acceptable because Polish and English think differently about the 'distance' (this/that/that = tego/tego/tamtego).

August 2, 2018


Oh you're right, sorry, silly mistake

August 2, 2018


Could you please give us some explanation about distances in Polish?

December 22, 2018


Well, not much more to say than what I wrote already (this/that/that = tego/tego/tamtego and their forms), but you can read here: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-demonstrative-pronouns/

December 27, 2018
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