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  5. "Ten chleb jest zły."

"Ten chleb jest zły."

Translation:This bread is bad.

December 18, 2015



I know this sentence is grammatical, but does it make sense?

For example, if I had a loaf of bread and it was mouldy, would I be correct to say "Ten chleb jest zły." or does it just mean that the bread is evil and shouldn't be trusted?


I wrote 'this bread is angry' - wouldnt it be right...technically?


I think sice zły can be used both for "bad" and for "evil", shouldn't "this bread is evil", although weird-sounding, correct?


What is the exact pronunciation of "zły"? Is it more like 'zuye' or 'zue'? Robot sounds like the latter.


z is pronounced as in English. ł is pronounced like w in English. y is a vowel sound more or less similar to the e in roses.


In particular, it's more like zue.

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