"He does not know what courage is."

Translation:On nie wie co to odwaga.

December 18, 2015

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Nie może być 'co jest odwaga'? Naprawdę?


I think it could be but you'd have to write: "co jest odwagą"


I was marked wrong for putting "to" at the end of the Polish sentence. Not objecting. But I am sure when I did Engish at school putting the "is" at the end of the sentence would have been marked wrong as well. Possible sentence endings would be. ...the meaning of courage. Or does not know how to be courageous.


I wrote "On nie wie co jest odwagą", marked as incorrect Also "On nie zna" can't be used in this sentence?


"Co jest odwagą?" is like asking about an example of 'a courage' (a courageous act). So it doesn't work.

"znać" takes a direct object, so "On nie zna" also can't work here.

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