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"Я не помню, где твоя коробка."

Translation:I do not remember where your box is.

December 18, 2015



Why is there a comma in the Russian sentence? The comma in English would make it seem like a question phrased "I do not remember, where is your box?" Otherwise it just seems like someone out of breath "I do not remember (pause) where your box is."


In Russian there always must be a comma between the clauses even if it's a complex sentence with a subordinative conjunction.


From what I've read about Russian punctuation, not even Russians are always sure about how to punctuate a sentence. It's complicated, apparently.


Keep in mind it is not a question.

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What is the translation of this sentence?


The translation is given under the sentence.

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No it was not, that's why I have been asking. (Andriod App 2015-12-18) If anyone else encounters the same problem, the translation is: I do not remember where your box is.


Oh sorry. I'm not using the app, I didn't think of it maybe being different.


When that happens to me, the app also doesn't allow me to go into the sentence discussion. It can be frustrating. Here are some lingots. Thanks for bringing this up.


Если бы я не помнил, где твоя коробка, то я не нашел бы ее.


"I forget where your box is" should be a suitable translation, right?


Would you say "I forgot where your box is" differently? Because it is not accepted. However, in another exercise both versions "They already forgot where her boyfriend lives" and "They do not remember anymore where her boyfriend lives" were accepted.


"I forgot where your box is," would be, "Я забыл, где твоя коробка."

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