"Ich pies"

Translation:Their dog

December 18, 2015

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How would someone pronounce this?


The Polish ch sound (or h) is similar to the Spanish jota (j in trabajar) or the German ch in machen. It's also similar to the English h, but more pronounced, and comes more from the throat


Which Spanish? European or South American?


ee+ the "h" sound in "hue"

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    Even my Polish girlfriend could not understand the audio. The guy sounds like he's drunk!


    I was kinda confused if i'm doing polish or german at first.

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      Is it 'their' like in English, regardless of the gender of the owner?


      If you mean can 'ich' mean his or her singular as it often does in English, then no, I don't think so. It is only used to mean 'belonging to them' (plural), but the 'them' could be masculine, feminine, neuter or a combination. Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong.


      If ich/je can mean "their" as in "their dog," does it make grammatical sense to say "ten pies jest ich" to mean this dog is theirs?


      Yes, that's correct.

      Wait... only "ich" means "their". "ich/je" are Accusative forms of "them". The fact that one of them is also a possessive is better to be treated as a coincidence.


      Ciężko zrozumieć to zdanie. Zamiast" Ich pies " słuchać "ichje pies"! Fatalny lektor


      To nie lektor, tylko syntezator głosu.

      Jest jakiś dziwny dźwięk po 'ich', jakby jakieś takie... pyknięcie, fakt.


      The possessive pronoun "ich" is indeclinable. "Ich" when subject is used for a group of only masculine, only feminine or a mixed gender group. Is the statement above correct?


      All third person possessive pronouns are indeclinable, so that is correct.
      'Ich' as an object (accusative) is used for groups of people containing at least one man (virile).
      'Ich' as an object of a negated verb (genitive) is used for both plural genders (virile & nonvirile).

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