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  5. "Lubię to."

"Lubię to."

Translation:I like it.

December 18, 2015



There is a bug here, when I write "I like it" it tells me that my answer is wrong . It doesn't let me go any further.


Same with my answer. It says "I like this" is wrong


I have looked at several different charts showing personal pronouns, and "to" is not listed in any of the cases. Can someone please explain why this is "to." dzięki!


I think it means this


have you ever considered opening your audio library to submissions from everybody, as long they´re polish natives? that could make the learning experience a lot more authentic


That's a suggestion that can be made in the Duolingo forums, it's not for the course creators/moderators to decide ;) Personally I'd love real voice instead of the TTS.


This is slightly off-topic, but I took a look at the new Latin course, and the voice recordings are just...awful haha.

I mean, it's so bad that you can practically hear people clearing their throat between words and such...


can it also be "lubię je" ?


Actually yes, if you know why it's correct.

For a neuter noun, like let's say "ciasto" (a cake), you'd say "Lubię je", which in English is still "I like it".

Note that it would rather be like "I like this kind of cake in general" and not "I tried this particular cake and it's tasty". "lubić" is about general things.

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