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"Ona jest brudna, on jest czysty."

Translation:She is dirty, he is clean.

December 18, 2015



Uhhg. You can't go anywhere these days without encountering politically correct social justice warriors. Maybe you all can talk about the offensive nature of DuoLingo at the next Bernie Sanders rally.


it really is not that deep...


I really don't see what the fuss is about--there's no reference to any sort of gender roles here. Translated literally, it simply means "she is dirty, he is clean." Perhaps he just showered and she just got home after a long day's work? The fact that some people feel the need to infer something offensive says more about them than anything else.

Perhaps people are a bit too sensitive these days? Would people really feel that much better if it said "Ona jest cysta, on jest brudny"? Or would people prefer if every sentence were anodyne and sterile?


If you feel offended from this example i think you have serious issues and reconfigure your life


Brudna dziewczynka!


Why doesn't filthy work?


filthy is more extreme than "brudna", and it's worth noting (again), that "brudna" is mostly about state of physical cleanness , especially when describing people.


In colloquial speech you might come in from working in the back garden and say "Ugh, I'm filthy." but really you just have dirty hands. So there is definitely a very common use that refers to physical (un)cleanness, in UK English anyway. In fact I would say I'd rather use filthy when talking about people's physical state of cleanness. Saying someone is dirty has negative connotations beyond just stating the fact someone has dirt on them, for example that they have poor hygiene in general. Filthy is much safer in that it simply states that someone has gotten dirty somehow.

Note that both dirty and filthy can have sexual connotations, so i would say you don't need to avoid either of them for worry about this particular reason.


It still sounds quite strong to me, but okay, let's add it.


Seriously... I feel stupider reading this post.

The sentence could just have easily been written the other way round. Since when has it been a stereotype that women are dirty? I believe that observation makes you the sexist one, snowflake.


In reply to @Alf42. The android app really needs the function to delete posts...


Seriously, people? What if this sentence is sbout inanimate objects? Or animals?


What the hell is this comment section ?


It says 15 comments, but I only see four. I guess I missed the spicy drama lol :( Edit: Nvm, I see them. Y'all are wild lmao. It's no big deal. I wouldn't get offended if it said boys are dirty, girls are clean either though.


She didn't have a wash?


I was thinking something more like The Odd Couple


I didn't read all the comments around the political correctness drama, but

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