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Vote up or down one's own posts

Shouldn't this be disabled for a person's own discussions?

January 11, 2013



Many sites actually allow you to "like" your own posts (including Facebook).


Yes, they do, but still I don't think it makes sense. Please indulge me for a moment, so I can explain. Voting down clearly doesn't make any sense, because if you wrote it, you obviously agree with yourself. And for that reason, voting up your own post or comment doesn't either, because everyone likes their own ideas and want more visibility for them, so if everybody does it, it's redundant. If only some people vote up their stuff, then it's a distortion (a very small one, granted) of the general opinion about the post.

Am I wrong about this?

(I don't want you to think I'm being petty, the only reason I bothered writing this down is because I know you care deeply about design).


You have a good point. We've actually discussed this a number of times in the team, and concluded there isn't much harm in letting people vote on their own posts, while also making the code simple (since we can handle all posts in the same way).


My only comment to this - as I did report this as well, is it seems sometimes like a translation is considered "complete" after only a small number of votes.

I have seen the Duobot voted as the best translation when this is surely not the case.

It's also particularly annoying when a translation is "fresh" - ie, when it's only my translation & the Duobot's. It seems really wrong to be forced to vote for myself in this case, considering I really have no idea (sometimes) if I am right.


If my translation shows up among the choices, I try to be fair and vote the one I consider the best. Sometimes it is mine, sometimes it is somebody else's. It is not necessarily true that I consider mine the best, sometimes I really like other people's choice of words more than my own.


Agreed. Thanks for the input. I had forgotten about translations, which are far more important than forum posts.


Thanks. Sure, if it's too inconvenient, coding-wise, I perfectly understand. You have got to weigh the pros and cons. And this would be on the very bottom of your priority list, I concede that.

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