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Vote up or down one's own posts

Shouldn't this be disabled for a person's own discussions?

January 11, 2013



Many sites actually allow you to "like" your own posts (including Facebook).


Yes, they do, but still I don't think it makes sense. Please indulge me for a moment, so I can explain. Voting down clearly doesn't make any sense, because if you wrote it, you obviously agree with yourself. And for that reason, voting up your own post or comment doesn't either, because everyone likes their own ideas and want more visibility for them, so if everybody does it, it's redundant. If only some people vote up their stuff, then it's a distortion (a very small one, granted) of the general opinion about the post.

Am I wrong about this?

(I don't want you to think I'm being petty, the only reason I bothered writing this down is because I know you care deeply about design).

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