"Znam jej wujka."

Translation:I know her uncle.

December 18, 2015

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Just in case anyone is confused...this is the accusative, which apparently doesn't show up in the hint (on mobile anyway)


Dziekuje, I got confused for a minute here indeed... !


It says genitive on my phone.


wujka = genitive= accusative, but after znam it's accusative.


Every time I think I'm getting there with the grammar a simple sentence like this will trip me up. I understand that accusative is required after "znam", but surely "wujek" requires Genitive because of "jej"? I thought this was the case as it is possession = genitive. Can someone please explain?


You went too far with the possession thing. "jej" is just a simple possessive pronoun, it doesn't require any case. What is meant by "possessive = Genitive" is more or less the same thing that happens even in English with Saxon Genitive. Plus what takes Genitive is the 'owner', not the 'owned thing', so it wouldn't be "wujek" anyway.

Compare: "jej wujek" (her uncle) and "wujek Adama" (Adam's uncle). There's no Genitive in the first phrase, but Adam takes Genitive in the second one.


Great explanation as always, thank you. I had an inkling that this was the case, but this was the first time I noticed it.

Thanks again!


Must be a lot of typing


Is this another slight technical fault? The above phrase is missing in the answer . The answer shows only as "Correct, meaning I know her uncle" but the question was a type what you hear one, not a translation one. (Also, I only entered a single letter in my answer as I was unsure of the answer but the comment , as mentioned, was "Correct...")


Type-what-you-hear exercises are currently malfunctioning in all courses, so recommend disabling them in the settings until the end of June.

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