"Why? Because I am perfect!"

Translation:Dlaczego? Bo jestem idealna!

December 18, 2015

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Can you say "Dlaczego? Dlatego że jestem idealny". Sounds more natural if I translate it to my native lang.


Of course. Another correct sentence is "Dlaczego? Ponieważ jestem idealny(idealna/perfekcyjny/perfekcyjna/doskonały/doskonała)"


It doesn't accept doskonały.


Would it have to be "Dlaczego? Dlatego, że jestem idealny." ?


I think you can, but "bo" sounds more natural and less mouthful to me.


I love this sentence Both in Polish and in English


Since you're referring to yourself, and jestem doesn't imply a sex, i assume you choose your sex for idealny, is there ever a situation where you use the neuter, idealne?


The simple answer is no, nobody refers to oneself in first or second person. The more complicated explanation with exceptions (of which you should not worry about yet) can be found in Polish under this link: http://blog.dobryslownik.pl/sloneczko-wstalos-nie-zaspalom-o-tajemniczym-rodzaju-nijakim-czasownikow/


It's actually pretty simple. In day to day conversation you always refer to people in masculine or feminine gender. In literature, if a writer writes a personification of a thing described with a neuter noun like słońce-sun, lato-summer, niebo-sky they can use neuter forms.


Is there a rule on when to use Bo versus Dlatego ze?


Not really. "bo" is the most... casual, "ponieważ" or "dlatego, że" may be considered more formal.

"dlatego, że" is a bit like "for the following reason"... but that's also in the definition of "because".


I thought perfekt was a word...heard it a lot...


Bo jestem bajeczny!

Nie nienawidź mnie, bo jestem piękna.


Perhaps it was conscious, after all those are separate lines, but the speakers of your sentences have different genders...


The second sentence is a translation of a tagline from a popular hair care product TV advert in America during the 1970s and 80s. (The ad shows a closeup of a female fashion model with perfectly coiffed hair, who turns toward the camera and says, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.") That is why my translation is in a female "voice." Older Americans like me recognize this tagline immediately, because the ad ran frequently during prime time TV. As you can probably guess, many spoofs and satires during that era were based on it.

The first sentence, on the other hand, is in my own "voice."


Yes, I know that one as well :)

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