"Musimy porozmawiać."

Translation:We need to talk.

December 18, 2015

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is this sentence just as scary in polish as it is in english?


I think it's scary in all languages, specially if it comes from a woman...


Can't I just pack all my things and go?


What is the difference between porozmawiać and rozmawiać? Does it mean to talk about something specific (and finish talking about it) rather than talk in general?


Yes, I think you're right. Rozmawiać is the general continuous action of talking, porozmawiać is having a conversation and finishing it, that's why it s called "perfective". Also this is why porozmawiać cannot be used to describe an action that is taking place right now, as in "they are talking about food".


Is "we should talk" wrong?


"we should talk" translates to "powinniśmy porozmawiać", which is not as forceful as "musimy porozmawiać" - "we MUST talk".


more specifically, should/powinniśmy implies that there is a choice- it's just that the speaker thinks not talking is the wrong one. Need to/musimy means the only option is to talk.


Potrebuje and musimy ? differences?


potrzebuje (he/she/it needs)

musimy (we must/we have to)

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: ) Hi Mr. Jellei. I'm not certain but I think FakeDiamond might have been trying to clarify why we "need" to talk is being allowed for this sentence? Are the words : "need" "must" and " have" interchangeable if it's an unspoken but implied understanding that this particular "need" will without fail be fulfilled? Like in English, if you used a forceful or exaggerated tone when saying " we NEED to talk! " I guess it could give the understanding that hey, apparently this communication is going to happen whether I want to be a willing party to it or not. (Or maybe this isn't what FakeDiamond had in mind at all....)


Actually 'need to' seems (almost) synonymous to 'have to', at least from the point of view of Polish. Maybe using "potrzebować" + a verb wouldn't be wrong, but it seems unusual to me in Polish, so "Potrzebujemy porozmawiać" is not something I would say. I'd go with "Musimy porozmawiać" anyway.

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Ok. Good to know. Dziękuję!


why not : We need to speak.


OK, I guess it works as well, added.


Perfective... imperfective...Pęka mi głowa!


Musimy porozmawiać o Kevin- a great movie


Would "Musimy mowić" mean the same thing?


No. It makes some sense, but it doesn't imply a conversation, so it sounds as if it was "We need to talk all the time, if we shut up, something bad will happen".


Thank you Jellei. Your reply is helpful as usual.


Why is "We must have a talk" is considered a wrong translation? 1) 'Porozmawiać' vs. 'rozmawiać' look like 'have a talk' vs. 'talk' 2) 'Must' vs. 'need', when it is about modality, look like 'musić' vs. 'potrzebować' 1) and 2) above are, of course, IMHO :)


"need to", "have to" and "must" really seem the same from the point of view of Polish, I wouldn't say "Potrzebujemy porozmawiać". All three work.

"have a talk"... sounds fine to me, added :)

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