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Wir haben uns erhoben

What is the correct translation of the sentance" Wir haben uns erhoben". Duo says that it's "we stood up" but does it mean 1) to stand 2) to stand up for something (i.e stand up for my rights)

June 1, 2012



'sich erheben' has several meanings. The most prominent of which is 'to rise'. It can be used if you were sitting and then get up. It's also used in the sense of 'starting a revolution' ('Das Volk erhob sich gegen den Diktator'). A further meaning is 'to impose/to charge' ('Gebühren erheben')


For some reason, I can't edit my answer. Strictly speaking 'Gebühren erheben' shouldn't be in the list because in that case the verb is 'erheben' and not its reflexive version 'sich erheben'

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