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  5. "Сегодня холодный день."

"Сегодня холодный день."

Translation:Today is a cold day.

December 18, 2015



Why cant be "It is cold today"?


Your choice translates as "сегодня холодно". It has the same meaning, but doesn't have a word "day" = "день".


Exactly right: сегодня is the subject, день is the object. It is imperative that both of these words are present in the translation: today, and day. You cannot switch one for a pronoun. That would be equivalent to saying that "Анна ест яблоки" could be translated as "she eats apples".


It's not equivalent to use a non-specific pronoun in place of a specific proper noun. But i get the point. For it to be equivalent it would have to be a specific day of the week, like Saturday for example, and not just today as a subject.


Agreed the suggested answer is strange English.


So not "it is cold today". Silly me, how could I be so stupid?

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