"Potrzebuję kawy!"

Translation:I need coffee!

December 19, 2015

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Words of an addict. Nobody needs coffee until it becomes a habit.


have 10 lingots.


And what have you got against addicts? [twitches and drinks another espresso]


Not necessarily. Necessity doesn't always mean addiction.


Or "i ciasteczek" (if you want more than one cookie).


"ciasteczka" seems to already mean cookies. but i found a similar word to mean a single cookie: "ciasteczko".


Yes, "ciasteczko" = "cookie" (singular), "ciasteczka" = "cookies" (plural). But if you use it in a sentence you have to decline it and use a different case (e.g. coffee is "kawa", but "Potrzebuję kawy"). So "Potrzebuję ciasteczka" = "I need a cookie", 'Potrzebuję ciasteczek" = "I need cookies" (unfortunately, the genitive of singular is the same as the nominative of plural, and the genitive of plural is "ciasteczek", see https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ciasteczko).


Wouldn't we use the Accusative of "cookie", or is that the same as the Nominative?


The accusative of "ciasteczko" is the same as the nominative (also in plural; see declension in wiktionary). But the verb "potrzebować" needs the genitive (explanation, unfortunately in Polish: Poradnia sjp.pwn.pl). Hence "Potrzebuję ciasteczka" = "I need a cookie", 'Potrzebuję ciasteczek" = "I need cookies".


kawa (feminine noun) - (kto? co?) - Mianownik (Nominative)
ciasteczko (neuter noun) - (kto? co?) - Mianownik (Nominative)

negative statement: NIE MAM (kogo? czego?) - Dopełniacz (Genitive) affirmation: POTRZEBOWAĆ (kogo? czego?) - Dopełniacz (Genitive)

Nie mam kawy i ciasteczka - I don't have coffee and a cookie
Potrzebuję kawy i ciasteczka! - I need coffee and a cookie!

Nie mam kawy i ciasteczek - I don't have coffee and cookies
Potrzebuję kawy i ciasteczek! - I need coffee and cookies!


Duolingo totally put this sentence here for me


i relate on a high level


pounding on table Potrzebuję kawy! Potrzebuję kawy!*


I need coffee and I need it NOW!/ right now!/ immediately! -
Potrzebuję kawy i to JUŻ! / i to zaraz! / i to natychmiast!


Muszę mieć kawę, także!!!

Potrzebować is one of those verbs where the object is always in the genitive, right? Is there a general rule or a way of telling if a verb needs a genitive object?


"I also need to have coffee - Też muszę mieć kawę!!!"
affirmation: MIEĆ (kogo? co?) kawę - Biernik (Accusative)

Verbs "potrzebować", "szukać", "dodawać", "używać",
"nienawidzić" NEED genitive (Dopełniacz), NOT accusative.

Verb "dodawać" takes (partitive) genitive or accusative.

When you need it (potrzebować) you look for it (szukać),
then you add it (dodawać) to everything, and you use it
(używać) to the point you start to hate it (nienawidzić)...

to need - potrzebować
I need coffee - Potrzebuję kawy (Dopełniacz - Genitive)

to need to - musieć
I need to HAVE coffee - Muszę MIEĆ kawę (B - Accusative)


Some verbs which require the genitive: potrzebować szukać nienawidzić


This should have been the FIRST phrase they taught me


What about..i need a coffee?


Don't you get confused between I need (coffee) and he/she needs (coffee)? These expressions seem identical or very similar.


Very similar indeed and in speech they basically sound (almost) identical, but usually you have enough context to make the meaning clean. Plus here you have it written down (OK, apart from the listening exercises).


Why kawy and not kawę?


"potrzebować" is among those verbs that take a direct object in Genitive, not Accusative.


Potrzebuje and potrzebuję sound identical. So he needs coffee should also be correct.


Please correct me if I wrong, but unless something changed very recently, there are no exercises "Translate what you heard"... and when you see "Potrzebuję" in writing, that definitely means "I need".

Yes, I agree about the sound, but it should be irrelevant.

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