"Gotuję dwie zupy."

Translation:I am cooking two soups.

December 19, 2015

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Why can't I say, "I am making two soups." I know that "Gotuję" isn't "making" but that is how I would translate it. Cooking soup sounds a bit odd to me, usually I hear making soup. Apparently, even in the UK this is normal, because this BBC article's title is "How to make soup." www.bbcgoodfood.com/videos/techniques/how-make-soup

Would you say "Gotuję lemoniada" or "Robię lemoniada"?

Another option would be, "I am preparing soup," but I think that would be more of a stretch for an answer.


robię lemoniadę.


I was debating on the –ę. I still can't really figure out when to use it or not, but I am still better than I was before I started this program.


The ę is used when you want to say for yourself like 'Im doing" and y on the end means for plural.


Options with "make" work now.


I don't know why people constantly downvote here. Should I help and discuss these things or not?


I would also actually say "I am making two kinds of soup" but this works as well, so I don't think I would change that as an answer.


"I am making two kinds of soup" sounds more natural to me than the answer that follows the structure of the Polish sentence.


Why not, added.


When do I have to put numerals with genitive and when to use just the case they have to be in according to the logic of the sentence? At least I believe having learnt or seen things that would suggest this sentence to be:
Gotuję dwie zup.


Algorithm goes as follows:

  • if a number has fraction part: take singular genitive ( e.g. 2,2 banana; 2,5 procenta)
  • if there is only one thing: you go with case that suits the sentence
  • if the number is 2,3,4 or every other that ends with 2,3,4 (except those that end with 12,13,14) you go with plural nominative and you decline both number and noun if it is required in the sentence.
  • if none of above is fulfilled, use genitive plural for noun. You decline numeral according to the sentence's structure.


Lord, help me.

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