"Gdzie jest zielona papryka?"

Translation:Where is the green bell pepper?

December 19, 2015

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Is there a difference between papryka and pieprz?


Yes, it's actually very different, "pieprz" is the black pepper, which you use as a spice, like salt : https://www.google.pl/search?q=pieprz=lnms=isch=X=0ahUKEwjpyZqVnZvKAhXia3IKHc9zCqUQ_AUIBygB=1600=765 and papryka is more a vegetable, the red/green/yellow kinds of pepper : https://www.google.pl/search?q=paprykasource=lnmstbm=ischsa=Xved=0ahUKEwiq5u3Sm5vKAhVp9HIKHX2dDjoQ_AUIBygBbiw=1600bih=765#

I see that you're learning french, so it's like the difference in french between "poivre" and "poivron".


Dziękuję bardzo za wytłumaczenie!

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Is a zielona papryka a green capsicum? Or is it chilli?


Most probably capsicum, although chilli is also a possibility. I myself would use the diminutive "papryczka" for chilli, but not everyone would.


I think capsicum should be an alternate answer? In Australia we don't call it a pepper.


Alright, added now.

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Dziekuje bardzo Jellei!

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How are green peppercorns called in Polish? Zielony pieprz?


I needed to use Google Graphics, but yes, it seems that you're right.


Probably "bell pepper" would be a less ambiguous translation of "papryka".


Maybe I didn't understood well. I work with 3 polish girls and they use pieprz for capsicum and papryka for chilli. I should ask them


It is very confusing, because:
pepper (spice/vegetable) - pieprz (przyprawa)/papryka (warzywo/przyprawa)

This may help:
black/white pepper/peppercorns (spice) - pieprz/ziarna pieprzu (przyprawa)
green/red peppercorns - ziarna zielonego pieprzu/ zielony/czerwony pieprz
green/red (bell) pepper (vegetable) - zielona/czerwona papryka (warzywo)
hot chili/cayenne pepper/paprika (spice) - ostra papryka chilli (przyprawa) chilli pepper (vegetable) - ostra papryka/papryczka chilli (warzywo)

condiments (ketchup, mustard) - przyprawy smakowe (keczup, musztarda)


That's impossible, 'pieprz" is the condiment and for a Polish person it's very weird that "pieprz" and "papryka" are translated the same way in some languages.


It has been said somewhere in the comments that 'papryka' is often treated as a mass noun. If so, then "Where are the green peppers?" should be a valid translation. "The green pepper" is either one single fruit of capsicum or 'zielony pieprz'.

  1. Yes, I guess I wouldn't use plural "papryki" unless I also used a numeral. Added plural.

  2. Added "bell" to the main translation, for consistency, to make it 100% clear it's not "pieprz".

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