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"Kocham cię. Jesteś wspaniałym człowiekiem."

Translation:I love you. You are a wonderful man.

December 19, 2015



Is "człowiek" only masculine? "Człowiek" could be translated with "human". And a woman is also a human being!?


This sentence can also be said to a woman, although I wonder if "wspaniałą kobietą" (specifying her gender) wouldn't be more probable. Not sure.

And there's also "wspaniałą osobą" (a wonderful person), which may in fact be the safest option.


Mogę mówić "guy" dla człowieka?


I responded: "I love you. You're a great guy."

Duo didn't like it. But should accept it. Make it so!


I love you, you're hot, I'm old but not dead.


I tak cię kocham! Miłość nie ma wieku, pisał Blaise Pascal.


L'amour n'a point d'âge, il est toujours naissant

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I think a better translation would be "I love you, you are a wonderful being"


"a human being", at least... otherwise it's "Jesteś wspaniałą istotą". Sure, you can say that, but that's different and unusual.

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I insist, while adding "human" is correct and informative, it is cumbersome. It is much more elegant to say "you are a wonderful being", and unlike what Robin thinks, definitely not out of this world. I have said it before and heard it said about others, we were all perfectly understood. Just because you do not use it or it sounds strange to you does not mean it does not exist!


I wonder... is your 1st. language perhaps German? Though I've never heard or used it myself, "Du bist ein wunderbares Wesen" definitely feels right in German.

[7 Mar 2019 13:05 UTC]

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Do a Google search with the quotes around the sentence. It turns up a nauseating amount of religious and romantic references. Including some books, blogs, self help, astrology, coaching, poetry... So while I would agree the phrase is not necessarily very common, it is elegant, and used in proper English frequently enough. Google trends shows some low level activity of people searching for the whole phrase.
While https://www.english-corpora.org/coha/ for example shows few relevant matches, the most recent match illustrates the way I would use the phrase:
1 2006 NEWS Houston A B C she knows is that she's getting the warmth and love and attention of this wonderful being called mom. " Among women serving sentences of more than a decade,

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And another 3 relevant matches from https://www.english-corpora.org/now/
3 16-11-17 GB VICE A B C # Affirmation: I treat myself with love and kindness, because I am a wonderful being who deserves only the best and deserves to be happy. # Response:
4 16-08-22 GB The Independent A B C , I'm very happy with it. It shows people are remembering what a wonderful being he was, " he said. " The ones that are mocking and
5 14-03-25 GB HelpAge International A B C # It is heartbreaking. Paco was a close friend, a colleague. A wonderful being and I feel so sad that he is gone. It is hard to


In G.F. Handel's opera, Serce (Xerxes) of Ombra mai fu fame might have said/sung "Jesteś wspaniałą istotą" in Italian to his favourite plane tree.

[7 Mar 2019 13:10 UTC]


Given the right circumstances, an Earthling might say "you are a wonderful being" to an extraterrestrial life form. Or to Sheldon Cooper...

[7 Mar 2019 12:38 UTC]


You are a wonderful carbon-based life form.


Would 'splendid' suffice here for 'wonderful'?


Yes, I see that it is accepted.

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