"I like this journey."

Translation:Lubię tą podróż.

December 19, 2015

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TĘ! podróż, jak już.


The translation is wrong. Here's a very important thing to remember if you learn Polish.
Using in singular feminine accusative (it should be ) is a very common mistake, especially among native speakers. That's why you can bump into it quite often. You may be even told that "it's also correct" or "semi-correct". I don't really know if it's true, but believe me, don't use it because it's almost always considered a mistake.


No, it is no longer considered a mistake ;) Polish is hard enough the way it is, don't make it worse. Anyway, you are allowed to say either "tę" or "tą", even though "tą" is considered informal. So yeah, while it is not a mistake per se, I guess "tę" should be the default translation.


According to sjp.pwn.pl it is in fact acceptable in colloquial speech...

I support the request to add "tę" as the default translation.


I said I didn't know its 'legal' status ;) I just said it's better for learners not to use it, just memorize the correct form instead. Personally, my eyes hurt a lot when I see "tą książkę" (in speech it's quite acceptable unless you stress this ą) and I think I'm not the only one with that.


I know, sorry if my reply sounded curt. Even though I can't stand most mistakes commonly made by Polish people, I think languages should get simpler and "tą" is a simplification I can live with.

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