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"W październiku czytamy rzadziej niż w lipcu."

Translation:In October we read less often than in July.

December 19, 2015



"We read more seldom in october than in july"

Is this really wrong? The answer provided seemed more or less synonymous to my suggestion. I suppose "seldomly" seems more "adverb-y" but I really don't think it's called that. Is there some other reason this could be deemed wrong?


Sounds fine to me, especially that 'more rarely' is accepted. Added now.


Technically you are right I suppose, although I think that using a comparative with "seldom" is highly unlikely.


Less and less often mean the same thing here, right?


"less often" = "rzadziej" (e.g. only once a week instead of daily), "less" = "mniej" (e.g. only one book in month instead of four books - you could still read often, but in total you read less (for example, because you read daily, but only for five minutes))


We often read less doesn't work?


That's a completely different thing... "Często czytamy mniej".


I wrote "In October we're reading less often than in July", and was marked as incorrect. My girlfriend, who's a native Pole, says my translation is correct. I have a screenshot, and will upload next time I'm near a computer.


Usually, simple present is used to refer to regular actions, as well as factual statements.

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