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  5. "Tamta kobieta pije sok."

"Tamta kobieta pije sok."

Translation:That woman is drinking juice.

December 19, 2015



Why is it tamta instead of ta?


tamta means that. (when describing a feminine word)

But in Polish "tamta" is more "away" than English "that",

Polish has ta, ta, tamta English has this, that, that.


What kind of juice does "sok" refer to? Only fruit juice, as it is used in these exercises, or any juice?


Well, we don't know. Most likely juice made out of fruits but „sok” can be gathered also from threes e.g birch.


They doesn't appear to be related to Polish sok, but Latin sucus, French suc and Italian succo (all meaning "juice") are great mnemonics for it.


Wow, you're learning a lot of languages!


I wrote: " That woman drinks juice" Why it's wrong?? It can be continuous time as well as simple present in polish translation. Am I wrong?!


No, you are right, and your answer should have worked. Perhaps you made a typo somewhere and the system corrected you to the default answer, which uses 'is drinking'.


That woman drinks juice not acceptable?


It's an accepted answer, it should have worked.


It failed me because I didn't start with a capital letter.... seems a bit unreasonable! Didn't realise we were testing my English


Starting your sentence with a lowercase letter is definitely not the reason your response was rejected. As there are no recent reports for this sentence, I assume that you just want to complain and aren't really interested in figuring out what was wrong with your answer.

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