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"That married couple has a child."

Translation:Tamto małżeństwo ma dziecko.

December 19, 2015



Why is the word 'ma' and not maja? Thanks!


małżeństwo(marriage) is a singular form so you have to add 'ma'.


The clue is in tamto (singular)


Why not małżeństowie? Isn't that a married COUPLE? That marriage doesn't make sense.


"małżeństwowie", if anything... but that sounds as if their surname was "Małżeństw".

"małżeństwo" is a neuter singular noun that undoubtedly refers to the couple. The married couple, to be precise, not any couple.


He Jellei,

I cannot send a message to you so I'm writing here.

The question "We are married" (write it in Polish) seems to be broken and does not accept the answer "Jesteśmy małżeństwem". I cannot access the discussion page, either. And this question pops up every time I practice so I cannot complete the practice set. Could you fix it please?


I believe in English this would be ...that married couple have a child...at least that is how we would commonly phrase it


That's correct. We treat the word "couple" as a plural so it should really be "have".


This is one of the disconnects between British English and American English. In the US we tend to treat a collective group a singular. However, we would typically say "They have a child" even when referring to a married couple, which seems a bit inconsistent. Not sure for the Polish course if Duo tends to lean more toward AM English. Here's a lingot.

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