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"Mangio la frutta, tranne le mele."

Translation:I eat fruit, except for apples.

January 11, 2013



Is "tranne" exactly the same as "except"? Thanks!


would "other than" also be acceptable for "tranne"?


I entered "other than" and got it wrong


I could not think up a situation where that would be right and my dictionary does not have the translation "other than",


It uses it as a translation of tranne in other places, which is kind of weird. "Other than" and "except" aren't really synonyms, but certain Duolingo sentences sort of make them out to be, when translating "tranne." Point being, I still don't really get what "tranne" means. :/


the options duolingo gives for the meaning have confused me. how can the same word mean "except" and "besides" ?

if you translated this sentence as "I eat fruit besides apples" you would be saying that you eat other fruit as well as apples.


Besides and except are sometimes used to mean the same thing. For example, "Except for swimming, i don't like sport" and "Besides swimming, i don't like sport". I would interpret these to mean the same thing. Maybe in the example "i eat fruit besides apples" it would make more sense with a comma, or saying "i eat all fruit, besides apples"


Hmm... "save for apples" is not given as correct, even though it means the same thing as "except for". Ah, well.


Just to clarify, are "tranne" and "eccetto" interchangeable?


I was wondering about that too, what is the difference between "tranne" and "eccetto"?


Yes, I'd like to know as well!


I know it's four months late but according to this they're interchangeable http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1242037


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Why is "I am eating the fruit, except the apples" wrong?


Both 'except' and 'except for' are ok. They are interchangeable and both accepted by DL in 2019.


I forgot the word for 'except' - having only just learnt it - and heard 'franne' about 8 times. Not clear at all.


The english word "for" is irritating me and I would never use it in this meaning. Is it spoken like this?


It sounds correct to me


Why wont this except i eat the fruit except for the apples? Surely that is the exact translation of this phrase


Eve from the bible should take notes...


Is "I am eating fruit" different from "I eat fruit"?


of course it is. usually the italian translation does not make a difference between both cases but in this case only "I eat fruit" really makes sense. Because the sentence probably doesn't mean "right now i'm stuffing my face with all available fruit except apples". The sentence means "generally i eat fruit, but never apples"


If you say 'am eating', it means you are doing it right now or momentarily, whereas 'I eat' is in general terms!


the translation says : "except for apples " isn't "tranne per le mele " more accurate ?


Translation is not something you do exactly word-for-word. We know from experience that "except for apples" means the same as "except apples", but if you take the words more literally it could mean "I eat fruit, apart from when the apples want me to. I won't eat fruit for them." This casts the apples as sentient beings and is nonsense. To make sense, the word "for" here clearly doesn't have the usual meaning of "for". So you can't assume that the usual Italian "for" word, "per", is appropriate here.


I put that, I eat frui except the apple, and got it wrong.


I eat THE fruit... This can change context. Like a kid can say: I eat the fruit,except the apples (meaning in this situation he doesn't want apples, but some other time he will)


They don't know what do they want with articles... We have "la" and "le" , but do not have "the" and "the"

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