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"Ona nigdy nie zwiedza z przewodnikiem."

Translation:She never goes sightseeing with a guide.

December 19, 2015



she never is sightseeing with a guide, is this possible


No, sadly not. The word order would have to be "she is never sightseeing with a guide", but even that isn't correct. We can't say "she is never sightseeing..."; sightseeing is something you do, not something you are, so we need the word "goes" in there: "she never goes sightseeing...".


You could say "She never sightsees" although it's a little weird.


As a native English speaker this should be a correct answer, correct grammatically but probably sounds better as "is never". Also, "she never sightsees" is correct and would be more common.


Is "nigdy nie" a double negative? As in she is never not sightseeing with a tour guide?


Yes, double negative is a must in Polish.


The pronunciation sounds like prsewodniciem but the given word has a 'k' not a c. Why?


I think the pronunciation sounds correct, having in mind that 'k' is softened because it's followed by 'i'.

Do you mean a Polish 'c'? Because in English, 'c' and 'k' often make the same sound...

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