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"The biology student writes an essay about evolution."

Translation:Studentka biologii pisze wypracowanie o ewolucji.

December 19, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Myślę, że słowa "esej" i "referat" też powinny być akceptowane, zwłaszcza że chodzi o studenta, studenci to już raczej piszą eseje albo referaty, nie wypracowania - wypracowania pisze się w szkole. :)

    I think words like "esej" and "referat" should also be accepted, especially when it comes to a student, a student is more likely to write "esej" or "referat", not "wypracowanie" - you write "wypracowanie" at school. :)


    Dlaczego nie może używać "uczeń"?


    Uczeń refers to secondary education only. In English, a "biology student" is the same as a "student of biology", meaning that it's the student's main subject. And that's something that can only be said about college/university students.


    As a native English speaker, I disagree that the phrase indicates any kind of specialization in English. The only time I was a Biology student was in secondary school. Is it the case that in Polish, uczeń can't refer to a person in a specific class?


    I just cannot imagine anyone saying "uczeń biologii". I think it may be because of a different school system than this in the US (I have no idea about England, and the US one I only know from movies).

    We don't have a situation like "Oh yes, I remember you, we had Biology with Mr. Smith together". A high school pupil (student) who is 'assigned' to class (not sure if that's the right word) 1A in 2016 will be in class 2A in 2017, 3A in 2018 etc. He will generally be with exactly the same people during every lesson. This is different from (my understanding of) the American high school where it seems to me you may have different people around in every class.

    I think it's because of this that I would never imagine "uczeń biologii". Every pupil will have some biology classes. The biology teacher may refer to someone simply as "mój uczeń", but they won't mention biology.


    That's interesting, and good to know!

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