"The biology student writes an essay about evolution."

Translation:Student biologii pisze wypracowanie o ewolucji.

December 19, 2015

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[deactivated user]

    Myślę, że słowa "esej" i "referat" też powinny być akceptowane, zwłaszcza że chodzi o studenta, studenci to już raczej piszą eseje albo referaty, nie wypracowania - wypracowania pisze się w szkole. :)

    I think words like "esej" and "referat" should also be accepted, especially when it comes to a student, a student is more likely to write "esej" or "referat", not "wypracowanie" - you write "wypracowanie" at school. :)


    I would think that you can use 'evolution' and 'the theory of evolution' equivalently and interchangeably in this sentence, thus is should be correct to say 'teoria ewolucji'


    Well... that still adds a word that wasn't originally there.

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