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"Moja walizka jest zielona, nie czerwona."

Translation:My suitcase is green, not red.

December 19, 2015



in this dictionary bag is used more often than suitcase



Agreed. I suggest "bag" be accepted here.


Wait, what? So you would call this:

or this:

a bag…?!

Guess it's another case of Polish differentiating something that English doesn't, like 'cap – hat', 'jacket – coat' and so on. ;)


In the sense of collecting one's bags from the baggage carousel in an airport, then yes, I'm with Jack on this one.

Is a "walizka" always rigid? As it happens, the English (well, probably French) "valise" can be rigid or soft-sided.

Incidentally, I would for sure differentiate betwixt a "cap" and a "hat".


Yes, that's what differentiate it from „torba”(bag) – though how 'rigid' it is, can vary, some have double skin or cardboard frame, so they aren't that 'rigid' – nevertheless, the fact they have any frame at all is what makes them into „walizka”. ;)


Cap is specific, but it's still a hat. A hat is general. I call a cap a "hat" all the time.

[deactivated user]

    Why is "My suitcase is green, it isn't red" wrong?


    The second clause doesn't use any form of 'to be'. It's just 'green, not red'.

    [deactivated user]


      This sounds almost identical to Ukrainain, Моя валіза зелена, не червона. Moja waliza zelena, ne czerwona.

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