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"Jesteśmy na międzynarodowej konferencji."

Translation:We are at the international conference.

December 19, 2015



We are at the multinational conference.
This should be a valid translation.


OK, added now.


This doesnt appear to be a question.. is it normal for the voice to rise at the end of a sentence if it is not a question please?


Yes, rising voice at the end of a sentence indicates question. Text-to-speech programs arent't ideal.


Why is "We are at an international conference" not correct in this context? Is there any indicator in the sentence that points towards a specific conference?


"We are at an international conference" is one of the accepted answers.


"We are at a international conference" is wrong ('a' before a word that starts with a vowel just sounds wrong). It should be ""We are at AN international conference". The word 'an' isn't an option in the question.


The main answer, the one that you definitely should have been able to create, has "at the international". We do not accept "at a international", so if you found "a" among the tiles, it was one of the distractors (the wrong words).

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