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"Slike ting kommer ikke til å skje uansett."

Translation:Things like that are not going to happen anyway.

December 19, 2015



In this case, the plural form kinds should be used, as we're talking of multiple things.


I would say "those kind of things " is bad English. You wouldn't say "those type of things" or "those category of things", which are similar examples.


I'd make it plural if you use "those". "Those kinds (plural) of things (plural)" sounds perfectly fine, as does "This kind (singular) of thing (singular)".


In my dialect of English "those kind of things" could be said about hypothetical events, compared to "these kind of things" which would refer to something now. Such as: "I don't understand the problems we're having. These kind of things haven't happened before".


Will "these kind of" not work for 'slike'?


"These kind of" is currently accepted.


ought to be « these kinds of...» (plural) not «these kind of» (singular)


Is it a correct pronunciation to use the "s" sound at the beginning of slike instead of "sh"? I've never heard it irl and the audio sometimes goes wonky so i wanted to make sure.

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