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"Diese Schule hat keine Bibliothek."

Translation:This school does not have a library.

December 19, 2015



Why isnt it true : This school has no library.


"This school has no library." is one of the accepted translations.

For anyone else who wrote that and got an error message: please post a link to a screenshot.

Just saying "it didn't work" is not helpful. Thank you.


It's pretty hard to hear the difference between kein & keine here, especially when there's a clear "e" pronounced at the end of diese and Schule.


Yeah i agree, compared to how keine is pronounced in other sentences, It's definitely a strain to hear that eh sound in this one.

...that Duo lady must just be getting pretty tired of constantly having to repeat herself.


True, but at some point I think they do it on purpose exactly to force your brain to feel the gaps recognizing the gender ahead and by getting used to different accents. Even the female and the male voice have sligthly different pronunciations, for instance, in the word "Orange".


In fact, there are two different ways to pronounce "Orange" in German, [oˈrɑ̃ːʒə] and [oˈraŋʒə].

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Why "This school does not have any library" is wrong?


The usage of any is different from a/an. So you should use a/an in order to represent kein/keine


At least with countable nouns in the singular.

"any" works for kein(e) for:

  • uncountable nouns (Wir haben kein Wasser = We do not have any water)
  • plural nouns (Wir haben keine Steine = We do not have any stones)

But for singular, countable nouns, use "a(n)".

(Roughly, "any" is used as the opposite of "some". You can have "some water" and "some stones", but not "some library" -- that has a different meaning.)


Why the school doesn't have a library is not true?


It's "This school" not "the school", so the translation should be "Diese Schule hat keine Bibliothek" as opposed to "Die Schule hat keine Bibliothek".


So would it be incorrect to say: "Diese Schule hat Bibliothek nicht."?


Yes, it is incorrect. Nicht is used to negate verbs. Here we are talking about the absence of a library, an object (as opposed to, say, not being able to use a library), so you need to use keine.


The verb is always negated, so that explanation makes no sense.

The school does have a library. The school does not have a library.

Duo: "Diese Schule hat keine Bibliothek." Also Duo: "Du siehst den Markt nicht."

Both have a noun at the end of the English translation, so there's absolutely no difference between them grammatically.


The difference is that "a library" is indefinite, "the market" is definite.


I believe you would have to use the article: "Diese Schule hat eine Bibliothek nicht. But that structure is correct as far as I know.


Why do we use diese rather than die or das??


Because we need a word to indicate this thing in particular, not just "the thing".


Diese refer to 'these' and the answer says that 'this'. What is the difference between dieses and diese ?


diese is the form used for feminine singular nouns (diese Schule = this school) and for plural nouns (diese Männer = these men).


Why not "this school has no library"


That is one of the accepted alternatives for a translation exercise.


Why This school doesn't have library is marked wrong


Because “library” is countable, so it needs an article or other determiner before it in English.

“This school does not have a library” would be correct.

For countable nouns, kein(e) often translates to “not ... a” in English.


Why is 'this school has not a library' incorrect?


I said "The school doesn't have..." Instead of "does not", and it was wrong. Oh, well


The error was in translating diese (= this) as “the”.


Why "School has no library" is not correct?


diese Schule = "this school".


Duo: "Diese Schule hat keine Bibliothek." Also Duo: "Du siehst den Markt nicht."

There's no consistency, at all.


den Markt has a definite noun phrase.

keine Bibliothek is indefinite.

kein- is used with indefinite nouns (whether singular or plural).


It's consistent. Keine goes for the noun, nicht is for the verb In english would be something like: The school has no libraries. (As in the libraries don't exist.) You don't see the market. (The market is there, you just don't see it.)


"this school has no library" should be a correct answer


It already is an accepted alternative.


So, is Bibliothek a loan word from Spanish or another romance language? I would have expected the German word to library to be similar to the English word or something like 'Buchhaus' I'd like to know the cultural reasons for this


So, is Bibliothek a loan word from Spanish or another romance language?

My etymological dictionary says it's directly from Latin bibliothēca -- ultimately, though, even that is a loan from Greek βιβλιοθήκη bibliothēkē. (Literally: a container for books.)

I would have expected the German word to library to be similar to the English word or something like 'Buchhaus'

There is a word Bücherei which also means "library" -- but in the sense of a separate building, not a library that is part of another institution such as a school, a university, a government department, etc.


This school doesn't has any library should be allowed to though


doesn't has

That is not correct English.


I said "The school doesn't have a library", and it was wrong???


Yes, it was. diese Schule is “this school”, not “the school”.


These schools instead of this school


These schools instead of this school

No. The German has diese Schule "this school", not diese Schulen "these schools".


Isn't bibliothek the spanish word for library? Isn't library "Bücherei"?


Isn't bibliothek the spanish word for library?

No; that would be biblioteca.

Bibliothek is the German spelling. (With a capital 'B', though; it's a noun, after all.)

Both Bibliothek and Bücherei are used for a library, though bigger or more important ones are more likely to be a Bibliothek, as are libraries that are part of an institution (e.g. one attached to a research lab) rather than institutions of their own.


My answer is gut. this school have not library.


My answer is gut. this school have not library.

"This school have not library" is not correct English. It is not "gut".


I said "the school doesn't have a library" and it said I was wrong. Normally it accepts contractions. Does anyone know if this is an acceptable answers?


I said "the school doesn't have a library" and it said I was wrong.

That's right. diese Schule is "this school", not "the school".

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