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Create a short text, let native-speakers correct it for you!

So, here's a little idea I've just come up with; a way for you, dear learners, to polish your Polish: write a short text (e.g. dialogue, story, poem, review!) in Polish and wait for a native speaker to correct it for you :)

Some "rules" to follow:

For learners:

  • Write a short text and try to use as many words and expressions you can. It doesn't have to be anything complex, though!

  • Try to use logical operators (and, or, even if, even though etc.).

  • Write at least 4 sentences. I think 10 should be the upper limit, but feel free to write more if you feel like it.

For native-speakers:

  • Try to explain everything as clearly as you can. And do it in English!

  • Be nice! :)

December 19, 2015



I told to a girl from Poland ''How is the life in Poland?'' and she answered ''Today is a good day :)'' How do you say that in Polish?


Apparently she did not understand your question. Anyway:

  • "Jak żyje się w Polsce" - in Polish we'd rather use the verb "żyć" with the pronoun "się". And she should answer "Jako tako" = "So-so".

  • "Today is a good day" = literally "Dzisiaj jest dobry dzień". In Polish you'd rather say "I have a good day today" = "Mam dzisiaj dobry dzień". Still, it's not something many people in Poland would ever say so it sounds kinda weird. "Mam zły dzień" ("I have a bad day") sounds much more like it ;)

PS.: It was a joke, obviously. People in Poland may not be as cheerful as Italians but they are not so different from other northern nations in that respect.


Are you a Polish native speaker?


How many cases does Polish have and
Is that True?


There are 7 cases in Polish. And no, people in Poland are actually very nice to foreigners. We come across as extremely hospitable and friendly. We are just not very nice to each other ;)

So no, it's not.


Polish people don't smile without having a good reason to. A day passing without any unexpected problems isn't enough of a reason.


Hi! That is such a great idea! I do not speak Polish myself, but this is great! It will help so many people! By the way, great joke with 'polish your Polish'. Good luck with your studies! :)


Thanks, I appreciate that a lot. It's nice of you to take the time to say something nice, I was starting to lose hope for any positive feedback :) Good luck to you too, and thanks for coming by.


Also try lang-8 to do the same thing.



Lang-8 is all about this sort of "post short texts, get them corrected by proficient speakers" thing.

[deactivated user]

    Such a great idea! :) Guys, if you have any particular questions, I'm a Polish native speaker as well. :) Maybe I'm not a pro in explaining grammar as I haven't been studying the Polish language at university, but I'll try my best because I'm really impressed by how many people want to learn Polish and I want to help you understand my beautiful language better. :)

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