"Dyrene spiser ikke eplene."

Translation:The animals are not eating the apples.

December 19, 2015

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Whats wrong with : the animals do not eat the apples


Sometimes I would write "expensive" instead of "animals" but I would then realize I am learning Norwegian, not Swedish.


Alas, surprise! "Dyr" also means expensive in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish ;)


Also English retains this root, in the common way to start a letter: dear. "Expensive" comes from Latin. Before English took the French word animal, it was called deor/der, which is now only reserved for a specific type of animal: deer. Now that I get to it, in line with this sentence, apples also referred to fruit in general until it got replaced by the French word. I believe the German word for fruit "Obst" might be related to this use of Apple meaning fruit.


The audio (normal speed) for 'ikke' is wrong, it sounds like ykke.


I don't know what is the difference in Norwegian between ,,The animals are not eating the apples'', and ,,The animals don't eat apples''


All I heard was a G instead of a D in Dyrene.


Diulingo needs to explain grammar better. Because I find I'm guessing more than learning with sentence structure. Babbel does a far better job.


I typed exactly that but it still said it was wrong. In fact, I even copied the translation and pasted it and it was still wrong!


Eplene, is this not plural? Why am i missing answers based on not saying "the apples" this is not an English grammar class


It is plural but definitive plural so the animals not just animals. That is without the extra e on the end

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