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"Na minha mesa tem um envelope."

Translation:There is an envelope on my desk.

January 11, 2013



Could "There is an envelope in my desk" also be correct?


Always confuses me when they mix the sentence up. "There is an envelope on my desk" is what it says is correct but the direct translation in english would be "On my desk, there is an envelope"


I read this as, "There is, on my desk, an envelope". It got marked wrong, although that seems to be a valid translation.


So, in Portuguese things can "have" (tem)? I mean, "there is" an envelope on a table/desk, but the table/desk does not "have" it. Is it OK to use "tem" or "há" (ha um envelope na minha mesa)?

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You can use "tem" or "há" for "there is".

But notice that the table does not have an envelope.

There is a difference between "a mesa tem" (the table has) and "na mesa tem" (on the table there is)


I think they're both acceptable, but the Brazilians I've asked have said that "tem" is more common (at least where they live--SP for one, and I'm not sure about the other)


And in Portugal it is há.


This could also be, "On my desk, there is an envelope" in English.

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