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"As crianças escrevem para o Papai Noel."

Translation:The children write to Santa Claus.

December 19, 2015



What's the difference between crianças and meninos?

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As Joao explained:

  • Crianças = children (exactly)
  • Meninos = boys
  • Meninos = boys and girls (1)
  • Meninas = girls

(1) - Only true in plural!!! And only when you can clearly know there are girls in the group, or else people will certainly assume "boys" in general statements.

The singular version does not accept that:

  • Criança = child
  • Menino = boy
  • Menina = girl


Hi! The difference is:

"Crianças" are "children" in English.

"Meninos" is a group of boys OR a group of boys AND girls together.

and "Meninas" is just a group of girls.



So why doesn't it accept "the children write Santa Claus" - it's saying I need to say "the children write TO Santa Claus" - in English it is understood in this context and is appropriate usage without the "to". They need to fix this.

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