"We are speaking about you."

Translation:Mówimy o was.

December 19, 2015

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"Rozmawiamy o tobie" should also be correct


Agreed. From Collins Słownik:

to speak about sth
- rozmawiaç o czymś

to speak to sb
- rozmawiaç z kimś


Czemu nie ciebie?


Between this one 'mówisz o tobie' and 'pytasz o mnie' I don't understand the change in the pronoun, they both seem to be used in the same grammatical way


Not "mówisz o tobie" but "mówisz o sobie". The preposition "o" can connect either with Locative or with Accusative. "Pytać o" connects with Accusative.



I said gadamy o ciebie. I think Gadamy should we accepted but ciebie is probably not correct.


"ciebie" is wrong here, and "gadamy" is pretty colloquial, we are usually very harsh about colloquial words.


What's different with "tobie" and "ciebie"?


Cases (surprise surprise): "tobie" is Locative (here) and may be Dative, "ciebie"/"cię" is Genitive or Accusative.


dziękuję, sometimes i'm still confused with these two words as a ukrainian speaker, because in ukrainian we use genetive to say we are speaking about someone. )


"Ми говоримо про тебе"?

That's accusative :)


Unsure about cases. If we are speaking about "you", isn't that accusative, as "you" are the object being spoken about. Not sure about locative... Any help is much appreciated


As soon as you see a preposition, you need to forget about objects etc. and just remember what case is used with this preposition. "O" meaning "about" mostly requires the locative case.

With "o" I recommend to remember the verb, too, as certain verbs will want to have the accusative after "o", like pytać o, prosić o, dbać o.


I’m trying to become more familiar with the formal forms of 'you,' and so I said Mówimy o panu. Isn't this correct? Panu is the locative form of the masculine singular pan, so I'm not sure why it was marked wrong.


The people who created this course did not pay much attention to teaching Formal You forms. That means that although we add such possibilities whenever someone writes a similar comment as you just did, some sentences are still missing those variants.

Yes, "Mówimy o panu" is correct and I just added it.

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