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"Bana inanırsan sana yardım ederim."

Translation:I will help you if you believe me.

December 19, 2015



Yardım edeceğim?


I think that will be correct as well.


from where can we understand that (will)


"Bana inanırsan sana yardım ederim." Translation: I will help you if you believe me.


If you believe me I will help you.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


"If you believe me then I will help you" still marked wrong, should be accepted.


Hello MoJoRo

"If you believe me then I will help you" still marked wrong, should be accepted.

I do agree with you & Duo can be fickle.

Your inclusion of, "then" in the English answer may be why it was declined by Duo. Your answer should have been accepted.

Then --> "O zaman."

"Bana inanırsan (o zaman) sana yardım ederim."

You can now see why such a minor change in the English answer needs to reflect the Turkish question to it.

You have created a new English question & Turkish answer though.

Very sorry & thank you.


sorry to be trouble but i am seeing the aorist tense used predominantly and was wondering why? i thought it was habitual or meaning time was not important, but is it just duolingos examples- focusing on the conditional 'if' or does it normally come with aorist generally?


why won't you accept if you believe me I will help you


Bana inanırsan, sana yardım edeceğim ?


Kind of confusing how aorist is used as future here. I am taking it out of context, but not sure if I talk will come up easily with that one

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