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Learning Indonesian!

I am an English speaker, and the Indonesian course is supposed to come out in a couple of years. So I chose to start learning English for Indonesian speakers (to learn Indonesian)!

December 19, 2015

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good for you. we just hope indonesian course on duolingo will release soon.


Where are you come from?


Owh... can you follow me,please? So, I can learn talk to you in Indonesian.... :)


owh, I'm an Indonesia speaker, and we can learn some languages together, I can learn an English to you, and you can learn an Indonesian to me.


Kalo elu mah, gua tau bro... nama mu aja itu... :v


Hi I'm Kiki from indonesia.. I'm so exicited to learn english. So I wish you could help me. Thank you :)


I did the same... I wonder when the learning Indonesian from English will be released?


I need help with Indonesian expression of the past!


It is context based. Also you can use time words like "kemarin", "tahun lalu" or (depending on what you want to say) even "sudah". It's hard at first for indo-European speakers to get the no past tense but with time it is very easy and natural

If you have other Indonesian questions feel free to ask me. Give examples too


Or you can use aspect/mood by adding words such as sudah 'already', sedang 'still/continuing', akan 'will', mau 'want to' etc.


Exactly, you just add the time words and you can write the stories that referring the past


Waiting hard for the Indonesian course!


I've decided to do the same! Indonesian from English is set to come out next year, but we'll see. I'm really excited for it!


wow.. keep spirit to learn Indonesian Language.

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