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"Moja mama robi smaczne kanapki."

Translation:My mom makes tasty sandwiches.

December 20, 2015



Could prepare be considered as a translation for robić or it's not the precise meaning?


Prepare is przygotowywać. Generally, robić can replace a lot of different verbs. It's very common.


robić literally translates as "to make" in English. You can use it in many of the same contexts as the English verb.


It told me that "My mama makes tasty sandwiches" is a wrong translation. Why?

"Mama" is a very good word in English. The word is even in songs like: "My mama told me not to come" by the Three Dog Night and "Mama Mia" by Abba. Does it mean something different in Polish? Please explain!


English clearly doesn't want to decide how to call one's mother ;) So many variants that people want... ok, added "mama".


It needs to be able to accept "mom" not just "mum"!!


The main English answer is always either "mom" or "mother". I changed "mother" to "mom" now, but "mom" was accepted. It actually is automatically accepted if only "mother" is. And the other way round.


"mother" is always accepted automatically whenever "mom" is, we couldn't change if if we wanted. But generally we keep it as a translation of "matka", yes.

"matka" does sound more formal than "mother", though.


Why it doesn't count MOTHER?


Every time when "mom" is an accepted answer, "mother" is accepted automatically. We couldn't change it even if we wanted. It's an automatic rule in the grading algorithm. So "mother" really should have been accepted.


I'm not sure why it doesn't accept "My mum makes delicious sandwiches". In English it means the same thing as "tasty".


We do not agree that it's the same, we want to teach shades of meanings and consider "delicious" to be stronger than "tasty" and therefore translate to "pyszne".


My mum is making tasty sandwiches is incorrect. So this sentence must mean that she usually/habitually/always makes tasty sandwiches and not just at this moment in time.


Oh I wrote cookies by mistake! So can it mean "is making" as well as "makes"?


Yes, 99% of Polish verbs work both for Present Simple and Present Continuous.


... translates to "pyszne".

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