News on Tree 2.0


December 20, 2015


WOW! You guys have been busy! And congrats on having the longest tree :P After I finish the Spanish tree I hope to tackle the Norwegian tree, and now I can't wait to get started! PS You guys should take a Christmas break :)

So funny, I'm doing the same thing (finishing up the Spanish tree then going back to tackling the Norwegian...)

That is a mindblowingly large amount of content. Awesome stuff, Team Norwegian!

Looking forward to it! I hope that other course mods and the Duolingo powers that be take note of the superb effort you guys are putting forth here-- it's an inspiration. ==b ^___^

Oh, stop it. You're going to make us blush!

Any ideas as to when this will be released? It's been awhile since a update. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! <3

i am hoping soon

Wow that is awesome! Can't wait to see the update!! This has given me a sudden rush and desire to quickly finish the current version of the tree. I'm only about to pass the third checkpoint though (41 skills to go) but hopefully I will have completed the majority of the tree when the new version is released. Not that it really matters anyway. It'll give me something to do on this 6 week break I am on though. Excited to be able to learn more of this awesome language!

You can do it!

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