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December 20, 2015


WOW! You guys have been busy! And congrats on having the longest tree :P After I finish the Spanish tree I hope to tackle the Norwegian tree, and now I can't wait to get started! PS You guys should take a Christmas break :)

So funny, I'm doing the same thing (finishing up the Spanish tree then going back to tackling the Norwegian...)

That is a mindblowingly large amount of content. Awesome stuff, Team Norwegian!

Looking forward to it! I hope that other course mods and the Duolingo powers that be take note of the superb effort you guys are putting forth here-- it's an inspiration. ==b ^___^

Oh, stop it. You're going to make us blush!

Any ideas as to when this will be released? It's been awhile since a update. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! <3

i am hoping soon

Wow! You go, guys! After finishing the German tree I was considering doind the Danish one, but I might go for Norwegian after all.

You know you want to. ;)

The maximal number of lessons per skill looks to be decreased, which is probably good (better separation). And 35 new skills (current course have 75) — quite impressive.

Thank you very much for your efforts, this is just amazing.

Sorry for a question (maybe I am missing some faq), but how is the experience within current tree treated? Is it reset or somehow merged?

The XP is kept, or merged if you want. Some of the new skills have been split off from old skills to make them more manageable in size, so it's not all new content, but there's definitely plenty of it. :)

We'll probably make a FAQ once the new tree goes live.

Wow that is awesome! Can't wait to see the update!! This has given me a sudden rush and desire to quickly finish the current version of the tree. I'm only about to pass the third checkpoint though (41 skills to go) but hopefully I will have completed the majority of the tree when the new version is released. Not that it really matters anyway. It'll give me something to do on this 6 week break I am on though. Excited to be able to learn more of this awesome language!

Can't wait :D God jul og godt nytt år :)

God jul min norske venn! :D

Aaaaa, I can't wait! Thank you for your hard work!

when for new tree 2.0 ?

We still have plenty of work to do, so I'd say at least a month until we consider it ready to launch.

Then comes the A/B test, which can go on for quite a while (the duration is not up to us). The new tree will only be released to all users IF it passes the test. If it doesn't pass, then it's back to the drawing board for us... and I might just cry a little.

just curious: will the A/B test be open for public, like they announced yesterday for Hebrew? in other words, can we apply? :P

The A/B test is a very different beast to the kind of alpha test the Hebrew contributors are looking to do.

Hebrew alpha test: They'll invite one or two suitable alpha testers and give them contributor privileges (this is the only way to allow them access to the incubator test bed).

Tree 2.0 A/B test: Users are randomly assigned to group A (tree 1.0) or group B (tree 2.0), and then the stats produced by the two groups are compared. I seem to remember that only new users are used as test participators. Generally you don't want people to know which group they're part of in an A/B test, as that can skew the result.

In theory, you should be able to create new accounts until you're placed in one that's in the 2.0 group, and thus be able to test the new tree. Keep in mind that if you do this, and then get bored with redoing the basics and quit after a few skills, you're going to skew the results in a negative way - making tree 2.0 less likely to succeed. So please, if you're going to do something like that, at least stick with it and give us a positive bias instead. ;)

No dropping, gotcha :D

I'm actually a little surprised they (because I'm assuming this is coming from Duo Central) (the Duopticon?) require an A/B test. Given how sociable users are, it will probably very quickly become apparent to them who's in one test cell and who's in another (and consequently a lot of new users may get annoyed that they're not in the 2.0 cell). I suppose one solution is to just be open about it, but that kind of messes with the data, as you said. Mightn't the better course be to just do a beta test of 2.0?

You'd be surprised at the number of users who aren't even aware that the fora exist, much less find their way to this post. You're part of the vocal and curious minority. :)

Personally, I don't think an A/B test is necessarily a bad idea, I only worry that the metrics that are tested aren't the ones that should be tested. Either way, I don't have the final say in it.

This is really excellent! I'm on track to finish the existing course by the end of the month. 2.0 will show up just in time for me to keep going. Thanks so much for your work!

Great! I am looking forward to it and thank you for all your work!!!

how many words does the current tree have?

And if anyone knows, I'd love to know any of the other stats for the current tree as well :)

I can't actually see the stats for the old/current tree anymore, but if memory serves me right it consists of 2728 words. Darthpoo says the current course has 75 skills just below me here.

As for lessons... I really don't want to count them, sorry! ;)

358 lessons in 75 skills. ;)

This is the best thing!

Wow longer than the German tree ? Now I want to start learning Norwegian :P

Take your time, still will take me a while to finish tree 1.0. :')

But thank you so much for all the time you guys spend on this to make it possible to offer us such a great Norwegian course, I can't thank you all enough.

Where is the one who asks for the new tree's CEFR estimate for finishing it?

shouldn't God Jul og Godt Nytt År be capitalised in Norwegian?

No, holidays are not capitalised - unless they begin the sentence.

hm. I must be confused by headlines or something. Thanks.

Or confused by Norwegians who've read too much English. ;)

Wow ! Congrats Team Norwegian ! I came back after a while on the Norwegian course, and I noticed the changes. I think it's great ;) You deserve a break now, you must have been busy !

Any chance Tree 2.0 will include microphone/pronunciation exercises? I'm not tech savvy, so I have no idea how challenging it is to add those features, but it would be very helpful...especially since opportunities to practice speaking are hard to come by hear in Philly, PA, USA ;)

Speaking exercises are present for some users on the Chrome browser. The functionality being on/off is beyond our control as volunteer contributors.

Great! Tusen takk :)

When will it be available for all users ?

At first for half of all users, then for everyone if the data shows that it improves students' learning.

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