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"Das sind meine schönen Pferde."

Translation:These are my beautiful horses.

December 8, 2013



Why not: "they are"? It's correct for other nouns


That would be sie sind. Using das sind is a bit more emphatic and specific, like "these are."


Das sind = these are

Das ist = this is


Actually, sorry.

Das ist = that is*, when referring to the subject of a previous statement.

I actually don't know how to say "this is"


I felt "they are" should be accepted too.


these are my handsome horses is also correct! I sent this to my German friend and he agrees that it is, and that it is stupid to mark it wrong. This same word is used for Hallo Schoner...hello handsome. So why not for horses. Horses can be handsome...actually it is more appropriate.


For heaven's sake Duo, does everything have to be beautiful or individual? Can we have some red stuff and some cold stuff, or any other adjective that doesn't have 300 letters in it? I'm on level 4 of the last of the adjective declension units and my fingers are getting tired!


Please, I just can't remember. Is it 'schoenen' because it is plural?


It is mixed Inflection for plural nominative. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_declension. Took me forever to learn them.


Thank you for explaining. Yes, I'm still struggling. Every time I think I've learned them something slips away. Thanks for the site.


Applying the rules of http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/adjektivendungenexpl.html (easier than memorising the tables): it's attributive, it has an article, the article has nominative form, the article is plural; therefore it takes -en.


According to what I learned in my german lesson it should be "meine schöne Pferde". I asked my teacher once, and she said that in any case all of the adjectives should be in the same form.


The plural adjective ending for ALL cases is -en. So it should be meine schönen Pferde.


I agree that the ending is -en for the plular (I wrongly thought that in nominative it is different). Anyways, both adjectives should be in the same form : "meinen schönen Pferden". Not only my teacher told me this, I also found it on web pages about declining german adjectives in my native language.


The mistake here is that mein is not an adjective, But a determiner (like an article). They decline differently to adjectives.

What your teacher meant about "all adjectives getting the same ending" is that you could write for example Das sind meine schönen großen braunen arabischen Pferde.


how do you know when to use "das" and "Diese" ?


that's what I want to know!


I don't get when to use 'that' and when to use 'those'!! Doesn't 'das' mean both?


Look at the verb. Here it is sind (are). "That are..." doesn't make any sense in English, so in this sentence it must be "These/those are...".


what's wrong with handsome horses? we would call a horse handsome!


Strange sentence. Is the next line "...but you should see my ugly ones!"?


My lovely horse


Where are your ugly ones?


confusion: Shouldnt it be schoenen Pferden?


Das sind meine schönen Pferde, und das da sind meine hässlichen Pferde. Bitte sehen Sie nur die schönen Pferde.

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