"Вода холодна чи гаряча?"

Translation:Is the water cold or hot?

December 20, 2015

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I know there's чи and або, but I don't remember when to use each one.


I would say that if you use ‘або’ in this context is will sound quite strange like if you're asking to choose one. To me, ‘або’ is for ‘either… or…’ things while ‘чи’ is for ‘whether… or…’. In other words ‘або’ describes options in a declarative sentence and it is also a conjunction for an independent clause (or [else]). As for ‘чи’, it works in questions and it is also a conjunction for a subordinate clause (whether, if). They are interchangeable in some rare cases when you really don't mind which option it has to be like in such examples:

  • Він читає або (чи) спить — He is reading or sleeping (I'm not sure, does it matter?)

  • Купи віскі або (чи) ром — Buy whiskey or rum (Whatever you want, I don't mind what exactly)

  • Ти купиш пиво чи (або) вино? (‘купиш’ is stressed) — Will you buy beer or wine? (Will you buy anything like that?)


In this case, чи is exclusive and або is inclusive.

Asking "Вода холодна або гаряча?" is like "The water is either cold or hot?" which doesn't make much sense :D


In English it would be more natural to put hot first. Does Ukrainian have typical orderings like that?


I tried to say both orders in Ukrainian in my mind and figure out which one sounds more natural, and just got confused. So I guess both are natural? :) I think it depends on the context.


"Water, cold or hot?" A natural way of saying "Do you want (adjective) or (adjective) water" in Ukrainian?


That's very colloquial, so no.

The meaning of this sentence (there is no comma after "water") is "Is the water cold or hot?"


If someone were to ask "Cold water or hot?" would it be different?


That would be "Холодна вода чи гаряча?"


Is that because of the placement of вода? It definitely can't be 'hot or cold water?'?

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