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"Tu as un rendez-vous avec une fille ?"

Translation:Do you have a date with a girl?

January 11, 2013



Stop asking mum!!!


How to make the top bar as the eye? ^^


"Meeting" and "appointment" should be okay for "rendez-vous". Who are we to judge the nature of this get-together?


Surely "Do you have a meeting with a girl" should be accepted as well. This is all context.


Agreed. Actually it seems sexist to require a romantic translation here. Would the French wording be different if the sentence were addressed to a (straight) girl, and it was referring to a business meeting or study session?


I believe that your correct. A meeting or an appointment with a girl should be accepted.


Stop asking mum!!


"Do you have a meeting with a girl" should be an accepted translation .

Please add it Duo.

Reported 15/5/18


I think context is important in learning French. When would you ever say do you have a meeting with a girl?


In another sentence" un rendez-vous" was only accepted as" a meeting", not as "a date". I was informed by a Canadian French speaker that "une date" is more commonly used for "a date". Can a native French speaker comment on this subject? Merci...


Is girl used in the same sense as it is in English as in for women of all ages, or is it only used for female children (similar to niña in Spanish).

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It has a general meaning.


I put 'do you have an appointment with a girl'? and was marked wrong. My question is : how does one ask 'do you have an appointment with a girl?'. If i run a company, and have a few junior apprecentices lined up to join the company. I have to see each one of them in turn. A friend wants to know about my appointments and gender is casually brought up. How do they ask if i have an appointment with a girl?


If you are an female adult in the workplace I doubt you'd like to be addressed as "girl".


"rendez-vous" means "Appointment OR Meeting" in proper word translation hence my answer should be accepted


Rendezvous can be used in English to suggest a romantic liason with a girl. Why isn't that acceptable as a translation?


Are you meeting a girl?


I have answered correctly


Trandlated answer says "theyll be back in an hour".

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