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[Reddit]: How does the brain store different languages?

December 9, 2013


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For anyone puzzled by the large number of deleted comments in the thead, that particular subreddit (AskScience) has a very strict moderation policy and comments based only on anecdote or 'intuition' are removed.

BTW, two other good subreddits that people here might find interesting are:


Don't forget /r/duolingo!


It is. Evidently learning a second language delays the onset of dementia by 4.5 years. So if you learn a new language every 4.5 years, you'll never have dementia at all.


The study you're referring to mentioned that people who know more than one language can tolerate twice as much brain damage before they're diagnosed with dementia than people who only know one language. Just because the onset is delayed doesn't mean that you're free of the damage that causes neurological degradation.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kató_Lomb was still learning a new language at age 90 or so. Proof!! ;)


It helps after serious brain unjury


Homographs, on the other hand, produce interference due to the slight hesitation that the bilingual experiences upon noticing the conflicting meanings.

I've definitely experienced this while learning languages.


Homographs in French drive me crazy.


Lately, I've spend a lot of time strengthening my Spanish and learning German. Now, I have some trouble speaking in any of the languages I speak (native languages + newly learned.) Am I actually weakening my brain? This homographs thing is starting to scare me a bit...


The title of the thread is misleading - I thought it was going to focus on the physical location of the "stored information" instead of biochemical "activity" in the brain. Pretty cool read nonetheless...


??? Any physical aspect of storing information in the brain is going to be based on biochemical activity.


You're right - I didn't word my sentence correctly but I just edited it.


Good Question to ask Vsause! maybe it creates connections on our preveously made language connections

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