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"De kommer sannsynligvis i dag."

Translation:They are probably coming today.

December 20, 2015



Any background to the sannsynligvis word available, so it is easier to remember?


sann (true, truthful) synlig (visible, apparent) vis (fashion, manner, way) = Something that is likely to be/happen a certain way.

source: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11498791


I said this in my reply to the thread which Leon posted, but the literal cognates for sannsynligvis are equivalent to 'soothsightlywise'.


Is there any difference between sannsynligvis and kansje?


It's pretty much "probably" (sannsynligvis) vs "maybe", "perhaps" (kanskje)


Can "sannsynligvis" also mean "apparently"?


Not a native speaker, but I used to live in Norway and never heard it used that way. Like in English, there's a distinction:

De kommer sannsynligvis i dag - they are probably coming today (I haven't spoken with them, but based on my knowledge of their travel plans, it's likely).

De kommer tilsynelatende i dag - they are apparently coming today (I have spoken with them, and that's what they said the plan was).

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