"Zrobiłeś dużo błędów w tym zdaniu."

Translation:You made a lot of errors in this sentence.

December 20, 2015

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I've just found out there's a place in Poland called the Błędów Desert. It's apparently undergoing conservation work.

So, just out of interest, was it named Błędów by somebody with a sense of humour to suggest that it's somewhere one would only visit by mistake, after taking a wrong turn or something?

Or perhaps it's a complete coincidence, and błędów has other meanings which I haven't discovered?


From what I understood from Błędów's (the administrative unit) website, the name Błędów was given by king Kazimierz Wielki (Cassimir III the Great) after he and his people got lost in the woods of this area. The (rather uncommon) verb "błądzić" may mean "to err" (Błądzić jest rzeczą ludzką = To err is human), as well as "to wander" (when you wander around because you're lost).


Oh right, yes I see now it also refers to more than just the desert part of the area. A long time ago, too - "Casimir III the Great reigned as the King of Poland from 1333 to 1370."

Thanks very much, Jellei - that's an interesting bit of history, a new verb, and a new phrase. :)


'you made a lot of mistakes in this phrase' should be accepted?

Mistake means the same as error in this context.


Thanks :)

I hope it's not a problem that I often post these alternatives on the discussion thread instead of just reporting them.

I've found reporting never seems to reach you guys, so I figured this is easier :)


But a phrase is not a sentence.


Why not You have commited a lot of mistakes in this sentence?


I asked. And I was told that mistakes are made, not committed. Seems like a too literal translation of "popełnić błąd".


Is this an alternative? " you made many mistakes in this sentence"


Yes, this is accepted.


It was deemed wring. Just now


I can only confirm that it's still listed as correct and it should have worked.


'You made lots of mistakes in this sentence' was refused :-(


Added "lots of".


Wiem, wiem! Potrzebuję więcej praktyki!

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