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Ni reklamu! Ba Ba Dum

I've just found in another post an interesting webpage called https://babadum.com , which is pretty amazing and helps you to learn vocabulary of a lot of languages, but not Esperanto yet. It seems very simple and also seems to need just one translation for a language in order to let it be able for any other language, so let's ask them to add Esperanto"

I am writing to an e-mail address which I found here. If you couldn't contribute, please ask them to add Esperanto, and if you can contribute, ask them to let you translate the course! (please ;))

December 20, 2015



This is an awesome site. You might want to recommend to Amuzulo that he contact them. He is the creator of the Duolingo course and sort of a celebrity of late. If he and his team throw their weight at them they are probably more likely to take Esperanto seriously. Also he has a vast network of people who would likely volunteer.


I am amuzulo and I approve this message. But I suggest I wait until January, because any action started in December is doomed to fail. #happyholidays


Great work! I'm sure your advocating was in part responsible for the addition of Esperanto. It's now up and running and it's glorious :)


Amazing, thanks very much for sharing it :-)


Dude! Are you doing ALL TEH LANGUAGES?


It would totally benefit Esperanto! It is a quick way to learn many words (1500?!) whatever is your native language. I have send him a Twitter message.

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